To recognise the importance of Holocaust Memorial Day, we welcomed Peter and Moira Hart to speak to our students.

Peter and Moira spoke about Kitty’s Moxon-Hart’s experience in Auschwitz and her story of survival.

Peter and Moira described the horrors of the Holocaust whilst also educating the students on the ‘Never Again’ moto and how they can seek to eradicate prejudice and persecution in their everyday lives.

Students remained engaged throughout the hour long talk and posed questions to the speakers to deepen their understanding and knowledge of the Holocaust and its victims.

Shelagh Golder, Beacon School Lead, said: “As time passes we have less and less opportunities to hear first-hand from Auschwitz survivors as they pass away, but we are grateful that though Kitty could not attend, Peter and Moira could provide our voice. The experience of hearing a real account of the text-book narrative offers a moment of real reflection to our students and they were incredibly moved by the experience. As a school we believe the Holocaust is a vital lesson to teach and to inspire a better world.”

Elsewhere as well as a Sixth Form trip to Auschwitz in the next few weeks, we have managed to secure 5 places on a day trip to Auschwitz in association with the Holocaust Memorial Trust and we will be offering more senior students a chance to take them up in the next few weeks.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “This visit – in addition to the school-led excursion – is all part of our drive to open up or students’ eyes to the world around them and to expand their horizons that they become more insightful and more ambitious. This is a regular journey for Friary students and we are looking forward to hearing how our student’s feel about their experiences when they return.”