The 27 January sees Holocaust Memorial Day and is a focal point for our school and our partnership with University College London in holding Holocaust Beacon School Status. This reflects our nationally-recognised commitment to on-going high-quality provision of and innovation in teaching and learning about the Holocaust.

This curriculum award insists that our school commits to the following benchmarks on an annual basis:
* provide invaluable external evidence base and verification of a schools best practice
* champion the cause of Holocaust education and its contribution to a broad and balanced curriculum
* recognise the impact of Holocaust education and investment in CPD
* be developmental and supportive

Regrettably, our children are growing up in a world where war, discrimination and crimes against humanity continue but by teaching students about these themes we can live in hope that the future will become better than the past.

This week we will continue with our annual guest speakers on the Holocaust and more widely genocide and we will be welcoming in first generation speakers recounting the experience of their parents in surviving the Nazi atrocities of World War Two.

More widely students will explore the issues surrounding equalities and will look at a range of national stories which are come through on this commemorative date to remind us all of pour shares past.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “This is a curriculum award we are very proud of because whilst passing exam results is important, we have an equal responsibility to enable our students to grow into the adults who create a better word, prevent injustice and recognise that everyone deserves respect and security.”

To learn more about our Holocaust Beacon School Status click here.