With school’s commitment to embrace AI and to ensure that we are ahead of the curve with new technology, we delivered a teaching and learning session for staff on how to use AI technology effectively.
We want staff to not only understand AI but also find effective ways to incorporate it into teaching practices.

During the session teachers were given examples of how AI can work and had a go at using AI for themselves as they looked at different ways they can integrate it into their classroom. For example, the different ways it can provide personalised learning for students and so create a more inclusive and supportive learning environment.

There were discussions around the challenges that come with AI, the potential problems too, as well as the importance of ensuring that our students are aware of the limitations and ethical considerations surrounding AI.

Gemma Harris, Head of ICT, said: “It’s important to be able to not just use AI in the classroom but to support our students and teachers in understanding and embracing this technology so that they can use it effectively. AI will play a big part in our students lives, and be a key part of their future careers, so we want to ensure they are prepared and confident users of this technology.”

Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, added: “AI is a supportive tool for both students and teachers and it is important we learn to use it in the right way. This session meant that teachers were able to see the full benefits of how AI can work and tailor it for themselves and their students.”