After two frustrating cancellations before Christmas due to the weather, the Friary U18’s finally had their long-awaited clash against rivals Erasmus Darwin in a mixed team showdown. The icy conditions from the first whistle added an extra layer of challenge to the game, testing the players’ skills and resilience.

The match kicked off with the Friary attackers facing difficulties navigating the slippery ice, but the defence, led by the formidable Polly Whitworth, remained resolute.

Gareth Hunt, determined to break through Erasmus Darwin’s defence, made numerous attempts to score, showcasing his exceptional 3D skills. However, each time, the oppositions goalkeeper proved to be an impenetrable barrier, denying Hunt and frustrating the Friary team, especially Captain, Will Whyte.

An unexpected but promising highlight came in the form of Anand Sihota, a young talent from Year 8, who stepped up admirably to the challenges of the U18 category. Sihota’s contribution demonstrated the depth of talent within the Friary ranks and provided a glimpse of a promising future for the team.

The second half saw Erasmus Darwin maintaining their defensive stronghold, frustrating the Friary players with their organised backline. Despite Friary’s persistent efforts on short corners, many shots veered wide of the mark, leaving the score line unchanged. It was evident that luck was not on Friary’s side that night as the game petered out into a draw.

Kim Fallows, team coach, said: “Looking ahead, the Friary U18’s will regroup and prepare for their upcoming encounter against King Edwards in two weeks. With lessons learned from the Erasmus Darwin clash, the team will be eager to bounce back and showcase their true potential.”