As part of our National Story-Telling Week celebrations we have produced an easy video preview of each of the books listed in the recent BBC article on ‘The 100 Greats Children’s Books’.

There is no doubt that reading is a massive factor in students doing well in all subjects – there is no course on offer that is not helped by fluent reading and high-quality writing.

Equally, when the grow up to be parents themselves then their children will benefit from seeing their Mums and Dads enjoying books and pushing the value of literacy in the home.

The book list contains books for lots of ages and contains many that parents will recognise even from their youth too – there is really something for everyone.

The video link can be viewed here.

Simon Daniels, Head of English, said: “We would encourage all students and parents to check out the list for inspiration – as well as the age-specific reading lists on the school website. It is true to say that reading opens up the world, fire the imagination and boosts employability – as the world moves to AI and automation there is still going to be a crucial need for confident reading and writing.”