Our Year 9 Netball team travelled to Cheslyn Hay to play our latest league fixture. We were on the back foot before we started, as illness left us with no subs. Nevertheless, the girls were positive and ready to get started.

The first half saw equal chances taken by both teams with the score drawing going into half time. We decided to mix the positions about in the second half but sadly this didn’t work in our favour, and they took a 6-goal advantage going into the final quarter. They girls continued to fight back scoring 3 goals, but that left us 7 short.

The final score was 12-5 but this result doesn’t reflect the hard work from all players. In reflection their defence didn’t allow us many opportunities to get into the circle and shoot and this was the key factor in the result.

Hollie Wright, PE teacher and team coach, said: “Player of the match went to captain, Lily Hartley, for her perseverance and excellent movement around the court. Not the result we wanted but we weren’t at our best, too many silly mistakes, but the game gives us areas to work on at practice after Christmas.”