As part of our health and safety arrangements, we recently ran a practise evacuation of the school site to remind students and staff of the procedures if the worst should happen. The students were excellent and it ran very well.

From this, we ran a series of assemblies to talk through the evacuation positives but also to run down the lockdown arrangements.

Nowadays, schools have to have lockdown procedures in place in case there is an intruder, perhaps a dangerous dog, or a serious incident nearby, which necessitates extra care. We emphasised how rare this sort of event is in the UK but we also talked the students through what they should do in response to this different bell during lessons, during breaks, and before / after school.

Lisa Pratt, School Manager, said: “We will run further mock evacuations and lockdowns through the school year to familiarise everyone with the processes. Thankfully ‘real-life’ incidents of this nature are very rare but we are very much a school that prefers to be prepared to react to any eventuality and with children’s safety there is of course a need for the most careful diligence.”