As Year 13 start to finalise personal statements and near the end of the course in Health & Social Care, they were treated to a work experience day at the local nursery Bright Horizons.

This experience was organised to give students an insight to future careers within the health & social care industry but also linked in some last-minute revision preparation. This is due to Year 13 sitting their final exam unit on 15 January 2024.

The students who attended displayed exceptional skills, in particular empathy and compassion and were highly commended by the nursery manager Helen, Indeed, it ended with two Sixth Formers being offered part time jobs/apprenticeships.

Students were also keen to give feedback on their external visit:

* Amy Findlay: “This trip provided beneficial work experience for me as I would like to work with children when I am older. It was such an amazing experience to interact with all the different ages from 0 months to pre-school age and see all the different stages of development. Some children could walk and communicate, others couldn’t. It was interesting to observe how the children acted differently especially with each other.”

* Holly Battisson: “The nursery visit was an amazing experience and allowed me to get a real feel for what working in a health and social care sector is like. The staff at the nursery were really lovely and welcoming. It was a great experience and there wasn’t a single part of the visit that was negative for me.”

* Freya Mackman: “I really enjoyed the opportunity of attending a local early year’s setting. It was good to see the theory that we have learnt in a real-life situation. I have come away with even clearer thoughts with what I want to do post Sixth Form.”

Kim Fallows, Head of Health & Social Care and visit organiser, said: “It was a great morning out of the classroom doing what our students do best – interacting, taking a lead and engaging in all activities. Well done everyone, next up is Y12’s day out!”