Our House Debating Competition topics are deliberately set to challenge and generate lots of ideas, and this week’s Year 11 debate was no different.

Teams from the four Houses debated the topic, ‘Men remain the privileged gender in British society’, as part of our Focus Week on International Men’s Day.

Both debates sparked lively discussions and it was a tough call for judges Helena Cresswell (School Librarian), Nina Worrall (School Governor) and Sam Sullivan (Assistant Headteacher).

In the end, the team from Johnson House was victorious; congratulations to their team of Phoenix Ivey, Izaak Bailey and Ewan Robertson. The most valuable debaters were Phoenix Ivey and Montague Easton who both argued their cases convincingly and were able to respond spontaneously to arguments put forward by the other side.

Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, said: “All teams offered valuable considerations for their side of the debate but, in the end, it was clear that the team from Johnson House had the edge, overall. Well done to everyone who took part.”