One of our students – Libbie Joyce (Y11) – is up for an OCR Award and you can vote for one of our city’s own to receive an international awards.

Libbie competes in World Obstacle Course Racing competitions across the world. They are really tough endurance events and she is quite the global superstar.

You can learn more about this fantastic sport here.

If you get the chance please could you follow this link and scroll down to the award that is titled: Best Individual Accomplishment:  What moment inspired, motivated or made you go WOW ?

Libbie is the last choice from the options in this category. You can then click ‘Submit’ at the bottom. You do not need to vote for any other category.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “This is a wonderful Lichfield girl who is making waves across international competitions. She combines elite level training with dedication to her school work and is wonderfully supported by her family. It would be fantastic is our local community could support one of our own to more global recognition.”