We are offering our popular Christmas Dinner to students in our canteen on Thursday 14 December.

The meal will include roast turkey, pigs in blankets, seasonable vegetables and a Christmas sponge dessert. There is also a vegetarian offer which is based around a quorn fillet.

Elsewhere, there will be a selection of cold sub sandwiches and drinks, as well as other dessert options outside this main offer.

The experience will be topped off by Christmas Music and Mr Allman dressed as Santa Claus distributing gifts – though one of these offers it not true. 😊

The meal comes at the price of £2.53 and fits into the Free School Meals offer too.

Jacqui Archer, School Finance Lead, said: “This is always a popular offer and we expect a big take up. It will be the first Christmas meal for many and will help set them up to make it through what is a long Autumn Term.”

To see more about this Christmas offer click here.