As part of National Road Safety Week we have been running a road safety campaign through the week to guide our students on their conduct and responsibilities when it comes to dealing with local roads. Nationally, we see five people die on the UK’s roads every day and we want to ensure that our students and families do not fall into these statistics.

As a school that sees a lot of students walk to and from school, and one where other students catch buses which require walks to and form home and the bus stop, we are keen to ensure our students are careful and respectful in their approach.

We have had student-led assemblies which have viewed the immediate road dangers outside our school, especially at the end of the day, and issued warnings to peers about how they need to take care. Equally, tutor groups leading the assembly produced road safety leaflets that we continue to share with parents.

You can see examples of these leaflets here and here.

Furthermore, this week saw a road safety speaker come in to meet Year 12s who are proceeding towards taking driving lessons and to deliver a message more suited to their stage of life and growing responsibilities.

More widely, this work is built on later in the year when we run our Bikeability Week for Year 7s to prepare them for using their bike on the city’s road, especially when riding to and from school.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Young people can often feel as if they are indestructible and have a disregard for safety as they presume the worst will never happen to them. Sadly, life does not follow this narrative so we take it as a serious duty to guide out students to take care of themselves and of other road users who have to interact with them. The students have been keen to take on the lessons but also talk about the risks that some parents place on them through errant parking outside our school. We are hopeful that these parents will reflect and change their approach.”

He added: “Recently we have been visited by the local police, stationed next door to our school, who explained that they were having problems with parents blocking their access to their site and then becoming abusive when asked to move.

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