Our Year 8 Partnership Evening saw parents come into school to receive an outline of the year ahead, the key milestones that were coming beyond that, and then the chance to dive into four topics which were most relevant to their child.

The initial presentation was led by the Headteacher who mapped out the journey through Year 8 towards Pathways choices in the latter half of Year 9 before the route to post-school life rolled through.

Following this, parents had the choice of two out of four sessions covering the Science Curriculum (which all students take to the end of Year 11), Home Learning & Independent Learners, Mental Health Support and Safety in the Community.

The presentations can all be viewed here:

Main Presentation
Science Curriculum
Home Learning & Independent Learners
Mental Health
Safety in the Community

Richard Barnett-Richards, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Year 8 is one of those years that can get lost amidst starting a new school, GCSEs, etc. We were keen to stress the point that for us Year 8 is a vital Year group and is one we put a great deal of attention into. If you get the platform right in Year 8 then the formal exams that begin to roll through run a lot more smoothly. This is all made easier when parents are on board, engaged, and in the know about what is going on in school.”