As a school, we use the HOPE mentoring approach to assist our students who need support, guidance and assistance in negotiating the challenges and complexities of teenage life. We have a specialist lead in this approach in Fiona Evans, Student Support, though all of this team are well-trained in this approach, and many students find the mentoring extremely valuable.

In addition, we use external counsellors to add to our support package so that we can assist wherever we can.

Equally, we are well aware that every parent wants their child to have the confidence and surety to deal with modern life and so we are flagging up an online HOPE Parent Support Session,

This Zoom session is entitled ‘Everything Tween and Teen’ and takes place at 7.00pm on Tuesday 21 November and 10.00am on Thursday 23 November and they represent a safe place to find information, to chat and to learn from one another through shared experience.

The link for this Zoom session is here.

Any parents who want more detail can contacted Keddie on 07508 176 043 or via

For more information view the HOPE flyer here.

Rebecca Oldfield, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The HOPE Zoom Parent Support is a great opportunity for our parents to access free help and support. If you can grab the time to check it out it may well be a big help if you are having a tough time with your teenage child.”