We offer students a great deal of Careers Advice and our programme stretches all the way down to Year 7 before peaking in Year 11 and Year 13 as students make their final steps beyond school.

Our careers package is inspected by The Careers & Enterprise Company as part of the government’s insistence that all schools follow their Gatsby Benchmarks on provision.

We are judged to be exemplary in our careers provision and receive contact from other schools who seek to find out what we offer. You can read the report on our school here.

Often it can be difficult for a child to make a decision on which way they want to go career-wise. They may have a vague idea, they may be influenced by what their parents do, but it is also interesting for them to understand what sort of salary they may earn in the future.

The BBC website recently produced an article which offered a full insight into the average salaries for a wide range of professions and it can be viewed here.

Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher and Careers Lad, said: “We have circulated this BBC article to all of our Year 11-13 students so that they can reflect on what different jobs earn. Salary is not everything in life, but it certainly has a major impact, and this article was too good a guide not to share more widely.”