Our Partnership Evening season included a Year 12 event which looked at the progression routes for Year 12 students amidst a national picture of grade changes, university challenges and battles for limited apprenticeship opportunities.

Our Year 12 cohort performed superbly in Summer 2023 and, though the step up into Sixth Form is a big one, there is every chance the students will again shine in this next phase.

The Partnership Evening started with a Main Presentation which looks at progression routes into universities and apprenticeships, flagged up the importance of realistic and driven aspirations tied to target grades, and highlighted the challenging national picture.

Following this, there were three optional presentations which can be viewed below:

* Main Presentation – Mr Allman (Headteacher)
* Why Higher Education? – Mrs Barratt (Assistant Headteacher)
* Stepping Out – Mr Barnett-Richards (Assistant Headteacher)
* Applying to University – Mrs Jones (Head of Sixth Form)

Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We repeatedly remind our Year 12 students that they need to get motoring on their Sixth Form courses from the off. The routes into universities and apprenticeships are heavily competitive and every grade and every experience can count and be the difference. This evening worked to lay out the pathways the students will tread and what they need to look out for to fulfil their goals. There is heaps of potential in their year group and it is the job of school and home to make sure that it is fully realised.”