Our Year 11 students and parents have already been made well aware of the important Mock Exams taking place after the half-term break.

These exams are vital in allowing students to get the vital exam experience before the real thing, they let teachers spot learning gaps and make sure they are closed for the Summer, and they focus parents’ mind on playing their part on making sure the real thing goes well.

As well as individual meetings with targeted children, plenty of resources being proved, and specific subject guidance, we have also staged a series of Year 11 assemblies to map out everything that will happen and everything that needs to be done. The most recent assembly can be viewed here.

Bex Oldfield, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Certainly, those students who do well in the mocks are much more likely to do well in the final exams It is not surprising that those who do not make the most of these mock opportunities to get things shipshape for the summer often don’t do as well as they’d like. This can close doors, curtail opportunities, and see wasted years of re-takes, so we could encourage all students to do as well as we can. We have put in huge support, everything is set up for every student to do as well as they can, and we look forward to seeing the vast majority shine after the half-term break.”