The Year 12 House Debating Competition offered another opportunity for student voice this week with Year 12 representatives from each House debating the topic, “A person’s mental health is purely their own responsibility.”

This topic tied-into our Stress Awareness Focus Week, during which students participated in a range of activities teaching them about ways to take care of their own mental health, but also reminding them of all the support available in school.

The debates were judged by School Librarian Helena Cresswell, School Governor Lyse Edwards and School Governor Greg Sugden. There were some strong debating skills shown by some of the students and some impressive independent research.

In Tuesday’s debate, the external judge chose two students as Most Valuable Debater – Abigail Eagland and Jazmine Tilling. In Wednesday’s debate, Katie Newton was chosen as Most Valuable Debater with special mention to Abigail Pinches for her debating skills.

Overall, Johnson House won the debate this time, with a total score of 82 points, considerably more than the runners-up.

Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The students debated this topic passionately and had obviously conducted some excellent research in advance. The issue clearly struck a chord with the debaters continuing their discussions long after the competition had ended. Well done to all students who took part.”