As part of our Focus Week on Black History Month we continued our campaign to support and advocate equality in our world where we have so much inequality.

The Focus Week saw assemblies focus on key themes include a focus on ‘Nobody Stands Nowhere’ and analysed why everyone needs to form a view and opinion that is backed by personal principles that are informed, respectful and decent. We examined controversial topics ‘White Privilege’, migration, poverty, examples of inequality across the world, and we reflected on the core British values that mean we respect and uphold standards like democracy, tolerance and the rule of law.

Elsewhere, tutor times included an analysis of why Black History Month matters and how important the record of history is for setting up the future. We looked at the case of the Grenfell Tower disaster and reviewed why it was so important to commemorate the past so that we can ensure the future is well-informed.

Additionally, break-time activities saw the distribution of ‘Equality for All’ badges for students to wear with their school uniform to advocate and support the fact that our school embodies and values the right of opportunity for everyone, regardless of their background.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We are very much a school that encourage a respect of all cultures and a readiness to stand up and support the rights of others. We live in a country where equality and a voice are taken as a given but it is vital our students grow to respect the authority and power they have to make the world a better place. Of course, any school can educate for exams, but more importantly we go further than that because we educate for life.”