We saw around 100 staff, parents and friends join us at our Oktoberfest. It may well give way to another option next year but it was good to go out with a bang.

The evening had the popular oompah band thumping along and there were beerhall songs, forfeits, banging of glasses, and much laughter.

The bar had beers from the kegs, a wider selection of other drinks, and the barbecues were pinging out a variety of bratwurst of the German variety to UK equivalents (vegetarian too).

We had Mr Fleming-Smith win a lederhosen knobbly-knees competition and local politician pipped by Mr Worth in a stein-downing competition so the party was genuinely bouncing. 😊

The event is a key fundraiser for the PTFA raises between £15,000-£20,000 per year which is amazing.
* Parents whose children eat in our canteen can thank the PTFA for providing the seating…
* Parents whose children go on trips and fixtures can thank the PTFA for providing the minibuses…
* Parents whose children perform on our theatre stage can thank the PTFA for refurbishing the facility…
* Parents whose children attend the free Saturday Schools can thank the PTFA for sorting new facilities for the library…
* Parents whose children use the computers in our school can thank the PTFA for buying a new set of 30 this summer…

Lottie Hearn, Deputy Headteacher, said: “I have worked the PTFA for the last 7 years and their efforts again on this event were fantastic. They really understand how these events raise funds for the children’s education and resources and capacity would be all the worse if it were not for their efforts. We rely on some parents whose children have left the school, but they still commit to the education of other people’s children. They are a small bunch in number, but punch well above their weight in terms of fund-raising, and are mammoth in heart, enthusiasm and graft for the school.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “The evening was a big success – and I could still raise a smile when I got home a 1.00am after clearing up – but we believe we need more parents to come along and get involved. We don’t get everything right at school, but we do deliver excellent exam results and a wide range of experiences for out families, which is no mean feat with school budgets as they are. We could do more if every parent could chip in. They would be investing in their children’s future. We do not work for our parents – we work with them – and we’d like each of them on our shoulder backing us to provide all we can for their children. Education is down to the school and home – and for us it comes with a financial cost and this needs support. Equally, a parent actively engaging positively with the schools sends a real message to the child to do the same. We’d urge parents who want our school to do more, or to do better, or to do faster, to also think what am I contributing ? Can I help ? Can I empower my child’s school ? Can l do more for my child and others ?”

Questions to think about…

Jack Canfield, a US author and motivation speaker, said: “Don’t just sit there (and complain), do something.”

Can you sign up to Your School Lottery ?
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Can you attend future PTFA events ? Make a genuine effort to bite the bullet and get involved ? Bring some friends along and make a light of it ?

Could you provide sponsorship or a donation ? Can you contribute money if time is short ?

Can I join the PTFA as well as attend and support the events ?

For more details on the PTFA click here.