We are already well in pursuit of our current Year 11s in terms of helping them to achieve their best possible exam results in Sumer 2024 so whether it is subject boosters, started assemblies, careers talks, planed coach trips on the way to Paris, or general nods and smiles around the school, we are all over it.

We have the Y11 Mocks coming up just after October half-term and these are critical in helping students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and allowing teaching to praise the former and address the latter.

As part of our Y11 focus we also stage individual and group meetings to discuss whether things are and where they need to be.

This week we staged a group meeting of these students with targets of 8s and 9s who are all very much there or thereabouts. These students will be top achievers next Summer and we believe they need to hear this. They included:

Darwin House: Akito Tokiwa-Smith 11D1, Abbie Sugden 11D2, Daniel Bland 11D2, Adam Turley 11D2
Garrick House- Dylan Jones 11G2, Katie Knight 11G2, Holly Reeves 11G2, Ella-mai Turner 11G2
Johnson House – Isabella Lydall 11J1, Krish Sukhadia 11J1, Amelia Long 11J2, William Darby 11J2
Seward House – Evan Wynne 11S1, Matthew Allen 11S1, Rhys Wynne 11S2, Maisie Gear 11S2, Ethan Couchman 11S2, Harry Battams 11S2

Bex Oldfield, Assistant Headteacher, said: “This particular group are real high fliers and are the elite apprentices and university applicants for Summer 2026. However, there are many other wonderful talents flying just below them and snapping on their heels. Likewise, there are others battling for their Grades 4s who we are equally proud of. Our job is to help every child get over their individual line and for the remaining weeks of Year 11 we will pursuing this goal with absolute commitment.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We commit to leaving no child behind and this sees us chasing each and every student and each and every grade along the way. No student attending our school will leave without reasons to celebrate but achieving this goal is about putting in the hard years with every student whether they be seeking a Grade 9 or a Grade 4.”