Our Sixth Form Senior Leaders are well into fulfilling their responsibilities in shaping and leading our school and with the calendar hotting up in terms of events they are only going to get more busy.

The Senior 7 are made up of:

Head Boy: Minhaz Uddin
Head Girl: Holly Cutland
Deputy Head Boy: Thomas Purkiss
Deputy Head Girl: Aisha Ratnasabapathy
Charities Coordinator: Heidi Leeson
Events Coordinator: Mollie-Rae Harris-Howell
Chair of the School Council: Albert Malone

All those students interested in taking on a leadership role had to go through a rigorous application and interview process and not everyone could get one of the Senior Seven roles. However, for those who did well but missed out, there are other leaderships roles connected to Subject Ambassadors, Sports Leaders, et.

The Senior Seven will be speaking at school events, presenting assemblies, working with local charitable organisations, and generally making our school a better place through their passion, enthusiasm and of course leadership.

Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We very much appreciate that our Sixth Form students will be the leaders of tomorrow so we seek to give them the opportunities, framework and confidence to develop their skills so they can step up to the mark. Academic grades ae important, and of course we chase them relentlessly, but wider skills matter just as much in the workplace as an exam certificate, and it is our duty as a school to support our students in developing them.”