We are very proud of our Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and have worked hard to support as many children as we can through the programme.

This has not always been easy – what with COVID and then the post-COVID surge in numbers – and it has relied on some brilliant staff giving up their weekends and evenings for free to make things happen.

Last week we were in touch with Grace Morrall-Kelly, our DofE Staffordshire Operation Link, and she reminded us of the huge numbers of children we have got through the scheme. Amidst the rush of school life it is easy to lose sight of the big picture of success that has been achieved.

2020-2021 – 18 Bronze / 1 Silver
2021-2022 – 58 Bronze / 10 Silver
2022-2023 – 36 Bronze / 8 Silver / 6 Gold (on-going)

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: ”We are absolutely committed to the Duke of Edinburgh Award Schemes and see the real difference it males with our students in terms of challenging them, opening their eyes to new things, and having them gain in a respected qualifications that they can take forward to university and employment. We have a busy schedule ahead for this year and it will be great to see some students getting their Gold Awards at Buckingham Palace.”

If you would like to learn more about the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme click here.