The Friary School is thrilled to see our Sixth Form students achieve great success on Results Day 2023 after the withdrawal of the COVID mitigation that has nationally seen higher grades in more recent years.

There was lots of celebration with almost all students securing their first-choice university places and others taking up excellent apprenticeship and employment placements. Our A-Level average grade of a B, and our Vocational average grade of a Distinction*, continue to hold our school up amongst the very best in the region.

Once again, the Department for Education will not be measuring students on progress this year, as this cohort did not sit formal exams in Year 11, so there is not the possibility to gauge progression in the usual way, but indications are that our students performed incredibly well.

The top-grade performers included:

Flynn Mulligan – A*, A*, A*, A
Hugh Hutchison – A*, A, A, B
Isobel Swinnerton – A*, A, B
Evie Hulme – Dist*, A, A
Bobby Mathieson – A*, B, B
Katie Browning – A, A, B, B
Bryony Stephenson – A*, A, A, B
Emily Turner, A*, A*, B, B
Ben Irving – A*, Dist*, B
Grace Williams – Dist*, A, B
Finn Gregory – Dist*, A, B
Martha Carless-Johnson – A, A, B

Elsewhere, those students who obtained great results in terms of making superb progress over the last two years included:

Mille Whyte
Amy Driscoll
James Flynn
Josh Roche
Oscar Hall-Davies
Megan Taylor
Tyler Francis
Amelia Fradley
Sophie Freeman
Ellie-Mai Harrison
David Niven
Amy Hirst

Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher and Sixth Form Lead, said: “With the re-alignment of grades to pre-COVID levels, and this cohort having not previously sat formal exams before, we are thrilled to have been able to share in so many success stories this Results Day. Both students and staff have been operating on an unknown playing field and in turbulent conditions we are delighted that our students have managed to secure wonderful progression routes that befit their talent and commitment.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We were very much aware that there was going to be a significant national adjustment in grades and it would be disingenuous to say there was not the odd sleepless night along the way. Equally, with the additional pressures on university and accommodation places, there was huge pressure. However, when all is said and done, we can only be delighted to see that our students, teachers and families have come out through such a tough time of it with immense credit. We are looking forward to setting the new benchmarks with our younger cohorts so they are clear on what is now required and of course hearing from this Summer’s students as they step out into the wider world.”