Three Year 9 students headed to South Staffs Water to collaborate with them in judging their Young Innovator’s Project. As part of the project, Sixth Form students had to create a game or app related to one of four water-related topics: water pollution, water efficiency, water scarcity, and water and climate change.

The designed game or app would then be used within schools as part of the South Staffs Water education programme. As the target audience for the game or app is Key Stage 3, we were invited to contribute towards judging the projects.

Laura Starkey, teacher of Geography, said “The students displayed excellent engagement and enthusiasm while judging the young innovator’s projects. Their feedback was nothing short of fantastic and thoughtful, reflecting their genuine interest in the innovative ideas presented before them. It was truly inspiring to witness the students confidently expressing their opinions in a room full of people, showcasing their growth in communication and critical thinking skills.”

“The tour of the South Staffs site added another dimension to the experience, exposing the students to the inner workings of a professional environment, which undoubtedly opened their eyes to the world of work. A massive thank you to South Staffs Water for providing such an invaluable opportunity for these young minds.”

To learn more about the South Staffs Water Young Innovator’s Project click here.