Following the successful launch of our termly e-zine back in April, we are delighted to publish the second edition of the magazine. This time it is entitled ‘Anyone’.

The second edition can be viewed here.

The project is deigned to give our students the chance to work on publications in a professional way and to understand the whole process from creating, collating, editing and eventually publishing. The project has already attracted a wide range of contributors and we have been thrilled about the quality of the work produced.

Equally, the ezine gives our students the chance to reflect on and share their learning from across our curriculum – whether it be in the classroom or reflecting on our wide community.

Amidst a wide range of superb features, look out for anti-racism poetry, biographies, creative writing, curriculum experiences, the emotions of bereavement, and love for one’s family.

Abi Wright, ezine lead, said: “’Pretend’ and ‘Who Made You Who You Are?’ have already had lots of lovely teacher comments and the students are really chuffed when I pass them on. ‘Who Made You Who You Are’ is a recommended reflection of family relationships. We are all hugely proud of the students involved – the creators, the editors and simply the supporter’s.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “The more we can give our students the chance to reflect on their learning and more importantly their life the better. It is only be stopping, thinking and opening up that we can unlock the challenges we face and find a way to move forward. Our school tries to give experiences that provide lifetime perspective and when you know the students who write these works it is at times hard not to take a deep breathe before you carry on reading.”