The Garrick House Celebration Assembly for the Summer Term saw multiple winners celebrated including: 

Academic Progress Awards: 

These awards are based on both results and progress so all students can take an award no matter what their ability: 

Year 10 – Eliza Grotane, Ruby Thompson, Amelia Hurst, Liam Shepherd, Katie Knight, Dylan Jones, Josh Brown, Sean Willis

Year 9 – Eloise Walker, Spike Cummings, Sophie Rogers, Addison Everiss, Tegan James, Dan Sandles, Hayden O’Sullivan, Sam Woollard

Year 8 – Zia Waldon, Eve Spatcher, Brogan Crawford, Aimee Irvine, Adam Brown, Olivia Flint, Felix Lindley, Will Pemberton, Sam Willis

Year 7 – Corrinna Sharkey, Bowen-Whittles Anna, Mantle Alfie, Nate Kirkwood, Amy Cook, Henri Gathergood, Amelie Messenger, Oscar Lyford


Top Effort Awards:

These awards are for those putting in all the effort and trying so hard to improve each and every day: 

Year 10 – Eliza Grotane, Amelia Hurst, Charlie Cook, George Pemberton, Isabelle Archer, Libbie Joyce, Lilly Derry, Josh Brown, Dylan Jones, Jacob Follows

Year 9  Berti Waldon, Mia Fradley, Bosco Chan, Pheonix Abbotts, Kailen Goalby, Anastasiia Afanasieva, Georgia Griffiths, Addison Everiss, Dan Sandles, Louie Cutler

Year 8 – Zia Waldon, Adam Brown, Olivia Flint, Bogdan Dubita, Jacob Kendrick, Rose Kirkby, Felix Lindley, Jacob Ashfield

Year 7 – Olivia Eggington, Corinna Sharkey, Niamh Thompson, Jackson Davies, Alfie Mantle, Bowen-Whittles Anna, Nate Kirkwood, Amy Cook, Oscar Eggington, Henri Gathergood


100% Attendance: 

This award is for 100% attendance: 

Year 10 – Charlie Cook, Imogen Dodds, Robert Hicken, Libbie Joyce, George Pemberton, Liam Shepherd, Isabelle Archer, Joshua Brown, Lilly Derry, Joshua Evans, Oliver Foley, Dylan Jones, Alfie Plumridge, Madysen White

Year 9 – Bosco Chan, Charlie Morris, Cerys Thompson, Berti Waldon, Eloise Walker, Anastasiia Afanasieva, Jack Bellamy, Yohanna Gee, Georgia Griffiths, Tom Hirst, Imogen Marchesi, Sophie Smith, Caleb Stead

Year 8 – Adam Brown, Charlie Evans, Evie Jelfs, Lucia Piskova, Eve Spatcher, Rainie Ka Ching Wong, Martha Wynn, Felicity Bowyer, Bentley Felton, Olivia Flint, Mia Hateley, Felix Lindley, Jack Mallender, William Pemberton, Harry Plumridge, Bethany Worrall

Year 7 – Anna Bowen-Whittles, Frankie Carless, Jackson Davies, Max Garland, Harry Jones, Frederick Lindley, Corinna Sharkey, Niamh Thompson, Alex Archer, Jasper Cheng, Jacob Evans, Henri Gathergood, Zac Hann, Liam Kilgour, Nate Kirkwood



Year 10 – Elle Acheson, Charlie Cook, Eliza Grotane, Amelia Hurst, Libbie Joyce, Demi Martin, Isabelle Archer, Joshua Brown, Amy Cartwright, Isabelle Cotterill, Lilly Derry, Sophie Doughty, Oliver Foley, Poppy Goldstone, Olivia Holyoak, Dylan Jones, James Killick, Katie Knight, Alfie Plumridge, Madysen White

Year 9 – Bosco Chan, Harry Elson, Mia Fradley, Lily Hewetson, Ann Matthews, Lexie Tucker, Berti Waldon, Eloise Walker, Anastasiia Afanasieva, Sasha Chambers, Louie Cutler, Layla Dee, Addison Everiss, Georgia Griffiths, Poppy Hicks, Tegan James, Imogen Marchesi, Sophie Rogers, Dan Sandles, Sophie Smith

Year 8 – Skyla Ashby, Adam Brown, Brogan Crawford, Lexie Derry, Aimee Irvine, Syrena Lui, Lucia Piskova, Zia Waldon, Ching Wong, Emily Alkiviadou, Jacob Ashfield, Ruby Cooper, Bogdan Dubita, Bentley Felton, Olivia Flint, Mia Hateley, Rosie Holian, Ellie Irvine, Jacob Kendrick, Rose Kirkby, Felix Lindley, Will Messenger, Sam Willis, Bethany Worrall

Year 7 – Anna Bowen, Ella Butler, Olivia Eggington, Max Garland, Harry Jones, Jessica Lawson, Angelina Mann, Ava Martin, Tyler Scott, Corinna Sharkey, Lauren Westwood, Madeleine Broome, Jasper Cheng, Amy Cook, Oscar Eggington, Henri Gathergood, Georgina Hicks, Rosie Killick, Nate Kirkwood, Oscar Lyford, Amelie Messenger, Isla Price, Jessica Quance, Penny Walters, Jack Wilkes

This award is for 0 Behaviour Points for the entire Summer Term – so no misplaced pen, or lost PE sock, no late, or any other minor slip-up:


Most House Points: 

This award was for the top four boys and girls in each Year group who had collected the most House points through the Summer Term:  

Year 10 – Eliza Grotane, Demi Martin, Sophie Doughty, Isabelle Archer, Alfie Plumridge, Jacob Follows, Dylan Jones, Oliver Foley

Year 9 – Imogen Marchesi, Georgia Griffiths, Sophie Smith, Sasha Chambers, Dan Sandles, Sam Woollard, Louie Cutler, Jack Bellamy

Year 8 – Zia Waldon, Adam Brown, Olivia Flint, Rose Kirkby, Ruby Cooper, William Pemberton, Bentley Felton, Sam Willis

Year 7 – Ella Butler, Anna Bowen, Angelina Mann, Amy Cook, Alex Archer, Henri Gathergood, Nate Kirkwood, Oscar Eggington


Tutor Awards: 

Each tutor nominates a boy and a girl for the term for their contribution to form and House activities:

10G1    George Pemberton and Ruby Thompson

10G2    Josh Brown and Madysen White

9G1      Bosco Chan and Eloise Walker

9G2      Jack Bellamy and Yohanna Gee

8G1      Adam Brown and Rainie Wong

8G2      Olivia Flint and Sam Willis

7G1      Anna Bowen-Whittles and Alfie Mantle

7G2      Tia Hanrahan and Nate Kirkwood



House Half-Colours for excellence in school (behaviour, attendance & achievement relative to ability) over an extended period of time; and also EITHER contribution to the school, House or community OR commitment to excellence outside of school: 

* Isabelle Archer

* Josh Brown

* Lilly Derry

* Libbie Joyce

* Angel Payne


Full Colours:

House Full Colours for sustained excellence in school (behaviour, attendance & achievement relative to ability) over an extended period of time; and also EITHER contribution to the school, House or community OR commitment to excellence outside of school and are achieved after earning House Half-Colours: 

* Eliza Grotane

* Dylan Jones

Steve Cartner, Head of Garrick House said: “I can’t believe another year has gone. It only feels like yesterday we were welcoming the new Year 7 students and now they’ve finished their first year and we are set to welcome another new batch in September.”

“Garrick students have continued to shine this year, working hard and displaying all the positive attributes I have come to expect from our outstanding students. We have won the focus week quiz this year and came runners up in the debates and sports day (missing out on 4 straight sports days by a miserly 8 points). Our House exhibition on World Education Week went amazingly well where students truly out did themselves proud producing superb displays. The House Charity week was outstanding, especially the talent show, and we raised a fantastic amount of money and collected a massive amount of food donations for our charity, The Lichfield Foodbank. I won’t talk about the House Point competition, only to say onwards and upwards next year.”

“I hope everyone has a well-deserved summer holiday and I look forward to seeing you all in September, batteries recharged and ready to go again.”