The Darwin House Celebration Assembly for the Summer Term saw multiple winners celebrated including: 

Academic Progress Awards: 

These awards are based on both results and progress so all students can take an award no matter what their ability: 

Year 10 – Akito Tokiwa-Smith, Adam Turley, Abbie Sugden, Izzy Gould, Bethany Yates, Emmy Johnson, Joe Murphy, Timothy Huskisson.

Year 9 – Ewan Brodie, Archie Kennedy, Cassidy Jackson, Isabelle Webb, Alfie Martin, Callum Faulkner, Anne Pengelly, Hannah Crosby.

Year 8 – Simao Reves, Francis Shaw, Jessica Mitchell, Callie Meakin, Esme Lee, Olivia Dobson, George McRobinson, Mylo Forbes.

Year 7 – Danielle Pontin, Rose Van Dreumel, Joseph Turley, Luke Perkins, Hazel Cheung, Maisie Campbell-Innes, Adam Perkins, Charlie Luke.


Top Effort Awards:

These awards are for those putting in all the effort and trying so hard to improve each and every day: 

Year 10 – Jessica Jones, Anna Phillips, Emmy Johnson, Reese Smith, Abbie Sugden, Timothy Huskisson, Daniel Bland, Akito Tokiwa-Smith, Campbell Rowe, Adam Turley.

Year 9 – Isabelle Webb, Keira Brooks, Abbie Hayward, Abbie Waplington, Starlla Carr, Archie Kennedy, Ewan Brodie, Alfie Martin, Simon Siu, Henry Bytheway.

Year 8 – Audrey Wu, Olivia Dobson, Lily McRobinson, Callie Meakin, Lucy Arrowsmith, Francis Shaw, Simao Reves, Jack Parton, Louie Hollinsworth, Ethan Hunt.

Year 7 – Danielle Pontin, Freya Hogan, Lucy White, Hazel Cheung, Rose Van Druemel, Joseph Turley, Daniel Burman, Adam Perkins, Luke Perkins, Isaac White.


100% Attendance: 

This award is for 100% attendance: 

Year 10 – Oliver Arrowsmith, Cameron Ashmore, Isaac Cheung, Izzy Gould, Lyla Hazell, Phoebe Marsh, Stanley Peckham, Campbell Rowe, Oscar Singpradang, Reese Smith, Asha Tsang, Billy Barlow, Daniel Bland, Lewis Dickinson, Oliver Heaton, Abby Johnson, Emmy Johnson, Cerys Lewis, Ed Marland, Isaac Minihane, Abbie Sugden, Joe Swann, Madison Tharm.

Year 9 – Benji Birch, Ewan Brodie, Henry Bytheway, Abbie Hayward, Tomasz Townsend, Isabelle Webb, Archie Clark, Brooke Grove, Lucie Hollis, Beatrice Martin, Henry McCarthy, Emily Sones.

Year 8 – Lucy Arrowsmith, Madison Barnes, Poppy Birch, Callie Meakin, Daniel Roberts, Zini Vinoth Kumar, Lily Bryant, Lily Hartley, Bella Hoey, Corey Lee, Jack Parton, Simão Revés, Francis Shaw, Ellie Vinnicombe, Esme Lee.

Year 7 – Frazer Barker, Hazel Cheung, Isabelle Delaney, Freya Hogan, Ryan Peck, Danielle Pontin, Greta Tong, Ashley Bucknall, Joe Criddle-Jones, Harry Davey, Benjamin Hollis, Harry Johnson, Luke Perkins, Lucy White.



This award is for 0 Behaviour Points for the entire Summer Term – so no misplaced pen, or lost PE sock, no late, or any other minor slip-up:

Year 10 – Oliver Arrowsmith, Freya Bobel, Isaac Cheung, Alice Choi, Timothy Huskisson, Jessica Jones, Phoebe Marsh, Anna Phillips, Campbell Rowe, Reese Smith, Akito Tokiwa, Asha Tsang, Daniel Bland, Lewis Dickinson, Daniel Harris, Abby Johnson, Cerys Lewis, Laura Longdon, Isaac Minihane, Abbie Sugden, Joe Swann, Adam Turley.

Year 9 – Chloe Bramwell, Jake Bratton, Ewan Brodie, Keira Brooks, Starlla Carr, Jack Harrison, Abbie Hayward, Archie Kennedy, Tyler Pilsbury, Simon Siu, Tomasz Townsend, Abbie Waplington, Isabelle Webb, Morgan Evans, Callum Faulkner, Lucie Hollis, Cassidy Jackson, Alfie Martin, Beatrice Martin, Henry McCarthy, Alex Tharm, Millie Thomas.

Year 8 – Lucy Arrowsmith, Madison Barnes, Leo Brownhill, Lili Crompton, Thomas Curry, Olivia Dobson, Mylo Forbes, Lydia Hung, Lily McRobinson, Callie Meakin, Daniel Roberts, Oliver Roberts, Samuel Siu, Audrey Wu, Scarlett Broderick, Lily Bryant, Lily Hartley, Bella Hoey, Ethan Hunt, Corey Lee, Esme Lee, George McRobinson, Jessica Mitchell, Dylan Nicholson, Jack Parton, Harry Pilgrim, Simão Revés, Francis Shaw, Ellie Vinnicombe, Isaac Wykes.

Year 7 – Danielle Abbott, Frazer Barker, Daniel Burman, Hazel Cheung, George Fryer, Freya Hogan, Ryan Peck, Adam Perkins, Danielle Pontin, Laurence Rowe, Greta Tong, Rose Van Druemel, Jacob Webb, Isaac White, Kary Wong, Alex Bland, Eugenia Choi, Joe Criddle, Harry Davey, Isabella Fayle, Sophie Goring, Brooke Haviland, Benjamin Hollis, Harry Johnson, Chloe Key, Charlie Luke, Sam Miles, Isabella North, Luke Perkins, Fern Sherry, William Smith, Ella Stevens, Joseph Turley, Lucy White, James Yates.


Most House Points: 

This award was for the top four boys and girls in each Year group who had collected the most House points through the Summer Term:  

Year 10 – Emmy Johnson, Phoebe Marsh, Laura Longdon, Freya Bobel, Adam Turley, Daniel Bland, Campbell Rowe, Jayden Pilbeam.

Year 9 – Starlla Carr, Isabelle Webb, Hannah Crosby, Emily Sones, Henry McCarthy, Henry Bytheway, Ewan Brodie, Benji Birch.

Year 8 – Callie Meakin, Olivia Dobson, Audrey Wu, Bella Hoey, Simão Revés, Oliver Roberts, Louie Hollinsworth, Jack Parton.

Year 7 – Danielle Pontin, Lucy White, Freya Hogan, Eugenia Choi, Ryan Peck, Adam Perkins, Daniel Burman, Joe Criddle Jones.


Tutor Awards: 

Each tutor nominates a boy and a girl for the term for their contribution to form and House activities:

10D1 – Jessica Jones & Stanley Peckham

10D2 – Adam Turley & Emmy Johnson

9D1 – Jack Harrison & Abbie Waplington

9D2 – Callum Faulkner & Millie Thomas

8D1 – Will Forrester & Olivia Dobson

8D2 – Louie Hollinsworth & Bella Hoey

7D1 – Ryan Peck & Maisie Campbell-Innes

7D2 – Ben Hollis & Lucy White



House Half-Colours for excellence in school (behaviour, attendance & achievement relative to ability) over an extended period of time; and also, EITHER contribution to the school, House or community OR commitment to excellence outside of school: 

* Abby Johnson

* Akito Tokiwa-Smith

* Daniel Bland

* Isabelle Webb

* Starlla Carr


Full Colours:

 House Full Colours for sustained excellence in school (behaviour, attendance & achievement relative to ability) over an extended period of time; and also, EITHER contribution to the school, House or community OR commitment to excellence outside of school and are achieved after earning House Half-Colours: 

* Phoebe Marsh

* Timothy Huskisson

* Adam Turley


Alex Britton, Head of Darwin, House said: “The students of Darwin House have worked tirelessly and have achieved so much this academic year. Not only have students excelled academically, but they have also contributed a tremendous amount through their charity fundraising as well. I am proud of all their accomplishments and look forward to seeing what we can achieve next year”.