As part of our assembly programme all Years 7-10 students have received specific guidance on keeping safe over the summer holidays.

This has been undertaken with consideration of advice from the fire service, the police, the local ambulances services and various other community groups.

The advice cover wildlife safety, road safety, anti-social behaviour and crime safety, wild water swimming, railway safety and generally looking out for one another.

In addition, our school is offering Summer Schools connected with sports so that there is plenty to do and keep busy with over the 6 weeks.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We are very much a school that remains active through the Summer and are always ready to make sure our students are held accountable at all times. We have high expectations for every student and this does not did falter at 3.05pm, nor over the school holidays. If any parents or community groups need support then they should know we are there to help via the main office email address.”