Our 100 attendance students were joined by others who had met specific targets or otherwise had good attendance after reviewing reasons and contexts to celebrate their time in school.

After the dodgems last year and we wanted something new, and so we went for clay pigeon shooting.,

This school-friendly system is all done with lasers and though the guns are converted shotguns, they are wholly safe.

The disc flies out and the students wait for it to peak before firing two shots to hit it. The laser then feeds back who has been successful and the scoring rates are then recorded.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We always try and come up with the weird and wonderful to give our students an experience which they would not likely get in other schools and unleashing around 15 shotguns across the playfield infields seemed a good way to go. The students loved the experience – despite some changeable weather – and it provided a valuable reward and incentive for everyone.”