Our on-going support for parents to keep them up-to-date with new things to look out for in supporting your child in negotiating the online world is now released and available for your perusal.

Our school places a great emphasis on online safety and holds the nationally recognised Online 360 Safe Award and this reflects our commitment to educating our students so they are safe and consistent when the traverse the online networks.

The Summer edition of our Online Safety Magazine is available here. This edition covers topics ranging from protecting your child’s online finances to social engineering.

It is important to note that previous newsletters and wider information and support are available on the school website and can be accessed here.

Stacey Walsh, Assistant Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead, said: “We are very much aware that our students spend a substantial part of their life online and just like they are dangers and risks in the ‘real’ world there are the same in the ‘virtual’ world. Our online safety support has to be a three-way partnership between students, school and parents and by working as one we can protect ouselves and the youngsters we work with or parents.”