The GCSE Geography course contains a key component where students need to undertake field visits where they explore and investigate an environment and then use their learning to form their exam answers in the Summer of Year 11.

Our Year 10s headed to Cotton Dell in Staffordshire in order to conduct a river study where they looked at width, depth, velocity, and bed load measurements.

Elsewhere, students have been to explore an urban setting in Central Birmingham so the comparison is stark and links together the two foci of physical and human geography.

Susan Gisborne, Head of Geography, said: “With our planned Year 8 trip, and our Sixth Form field trips, we are very much a subject area which values applying our theoretical learning to the practical assignments that can be undertaken on field visits. The students certainly enjoyed the experiences and are now well placed in understanding the impact and significance of geography on the wider world as well as in dealing with all the exam throws at them.”