Friary students were performing at music festivals over the weekend as they took their talents on the road before they head to our very own Summer Sizzler on Thursday 13 July

A range of acts were at The Fuse Festival in Lichfield (see ‘The Vengeance’ in the photo), whilst a number of performers, including Emily White, Maddie Williams and Ava Williams performed at the Hill Ridware Summer Fete as the advance support for the Abba Revival tribute band.

Elsewhere, other students help support the event sin term or organisation and facilities.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We are fortunate to be incited to support lots of community event throughout the year and we seek to do as many as we can to ensure our students get as broad an experience as possible. Having been in and around these events, I was incredibly proud of the students, as well as the staff who are there day-in-day-out backing them up. Our students are well worth going the extra mile for.”