The following message went out to Year 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12 parents on Tuesday 28 June 2023:

We had hoped that my last email would be my final one before the end of term but other information has cropped up that needs to come out to you as it will affect everyone in one way or another.

This email will cover:

* Industrial Action
* Non-School Uniform Day
* Road Works Outside School
* Greywood MST Developments
* School Calendar

Industrial Action

Regrettably, we are facing two further strike days in early July. These will necessitate the part closure of the school.

The strike days are Wednesday 5 July and Friday 7 July and on each day only certain Year groups will be in school:

Wednesday 5 July:

IN SCHOOL – Years 7, 10 & 12
OUT of SCHOOL – Years 8 & 9

Friday 7 July

IN SCHOOL – Years 8, 9 & 12
OUT of SCHOOL – Years 7 & 10

We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause. Unfortunately,  it looks like this situation will continue into the Autumn Term and potential become more disruptive.

More details on the individual action can be seen here:

Non-School Uniform Day

Our third Non-Uniform Day was due to be Friday 7 July but due to the strike action this will now move to Friday 14 July.

The usual £1 donation is requested for the day which goes to your child’s House’s local charity; so either St Giles Hospice, Acorns Hospice, Lichfield Foodbank or Midland Air Ambulance.

Road Works Outside School

We have major roadworks starting outside our school from Monday 3 July and they are due to last 9 weeks. Thankfully, this suggests they will be done and dusted by the start of the new school year, but it does seem we can expect major disruption over these last few weeks of term.

The roadworks are due to put in a much-needed traffic light system on the Eastern Avenue / Grange Lane crossing. It will also include some major re-surfacing work which should address the horrendous pothole chicane just outside the school – we think we lost a couple of the Y6s down them during the Transition visits this week.

Our advice would be to drop you child a little further away – and get them to walk the last bit – as it is likely to be a major snarl-up. There are traffic light crossing points so if they follow the Green Cross Code they’ll be absolutely fine.

You can learn more about the road works here:

Greywood MST Developments

You will be aware our school is a member of the Greywood Multi-Schools Trust and yesterday you received a letter from the CEO, Sue Wedgwood, outlining plans for the Trust to merge with the Primitas Learning Partnership.

From our school’s point of view this is a very positive step. We work closely with our current Trust schools, Henry Chadwick Primary School and Queen’s Croft High School, but adding in another strong secondary like Erasmus Darwin Academy, as well as 3 further successful primary schools, only broadens the capacity and partnership work our students and staff can benefit from.

Since we became an academy we have brought in over £3million in extra funding since September 2019. This has all been used to update and improve our school’s facilities which in turn supports further investment in learning, experiences and in each and every child.

This merger is a good move, one we are pleased to see happening, and means we can carry on doing the things that are working well.

School Calendar

We have already flagged up the end of this term and the start of the next but there is no harm in repeating them:

End of Summer Term – Friday 21 July – 12:05pm finish
Start of Autumn Term – Wednesday 6 September – Normal Hours

Please remember we have a new school day schedule for September following Boris’ plan to regulate school hours. You can refresh your memory on the new timings here:

The full new calendar for 2023-2024 will go up on the school website over the holidays.

And Finally:

Matt Allman, Haedteacher, added: “We have a busy few weeks ahead until the Summer Break but hopefully I won’t need to clog up your inbox again before September. Thanks for your patience.”