The following message went out to all Year 11 parents – but would also apply to all other parents – on Thursday 22 June:

We are at the time of year when your child has moved on from mainstream school and we are all now keeping everything crossed for them for Results Day.

Meanwhile, outside of school, we will all be well aware of the cost of living crisis, and we are hoping you can help us to support those families most adversely affected.

Consequently, we are requesting that any blazers, ties, skirts or trousers that you no longer need – and which are in good condition – are donated to our school so that we can distribute them to those children whose families will otherwise struggle to purchase them.

We are happy to have these items dropped in at main reception and you can be sure that they will make life easier for children. They will receive them discretely and in confidence and so be able to come into school dressed correctly in good-sized clothes.

We hope your child’s first few days at home after the exams are going well, that they are getting a well-deserved break after an intensive period, and that you can help us to help the younger children coming through.


Matt Allman
Headteacher of The Friary School