Parent Update – Summer Term Round-Up

The following email went out to parents on Tuesday 13 June:

We are just dropping you a line as the summer eventually arrives and we head into the last 5 weeks of term. There is lots going on and we want to make sure things are clear before we depart for the Summer Holidays.

This post will cover:

* Summer Uniform
* School PE Kit
* Warm Weather
* Dates for Diary
* End of Term
* Return to School

Summer Uniform

Our school uniform is an important part of how we set standards in school and make sure that our students fit in with the wider rules and expectations. We rely on parents to do their bit to help us and we make it clear in the student planner, via the website (see, and around the site on posters and in tutor time sessions. It is impossible for us to be successful with 1,000+ children without clear rules that everyone follows.

Even so, when the weather warms up,  we make adaptations to help cope with any heat. Our British weather is often a moveable feast so there is always some jigging about but I’ll make things as clear as I can now.

We would ask that students continue to bring their blazers into school. They will be expected to wear them in formal assemblies but not for the rest of the day. They can be kept in their bag or their locker.

If (or when) the weather deteriorates, then the first item beyond a shirt / blouse to wear is the blazer. If it does cool, it is not the case that they put on a sports jacket or a hoodie instead of their blazer.

All the other requirements; so no nose piercings; one stud earring per ear; no extreme haircuts / colouring; no nail extensions; all apply as usual.

School PE Kit

We have been looking at ways to make our school PE kit less expensive and have been working with suppliers to see what can be achieved.We believe we have a solution that offers more flexibility and is more cost-effective. We will send the details out shortly so save making purchases just yet.

Naturally, existing uniform can be worn until it wears out – it will not look out of place.

Warm Weather

As well as the uniform concessions, we have been advising your children on personal safety in warmer weather.

In terms of water, we would recommend that your child brings a water bottle into school. All students have access before school, in breaks, and after school to fill up their water bottle either from the free water fountain in the canteen or the free jugs of water provided there too. Of course, there are also drinks for sale in the canteen, as well as ones you provide from home.

We have our Sports Day on Thursday 6 July and you might want your child to put sunscreen on or wear a hat if it turns out to be a hot one.

Dates for Diary

There are various school events coming up in what is always a busy half-term:

W/B 19 June – ‘Mary Poppins’ – tickets on sale via:

Thursday 6 July – Sports Day
Friday 7 July – Non-Uniform Day
Thursday 13 July – Summer Sizzler

We also have an array of school trips ranging from Normandy to sailing the English Channel, Geography exam case study trips to hiking in Croatia.. There are also all the usual events such as Year 6 Transition Days, Rewards Days, various Leavers Events, and more besides.

End of Term

The last day of term is Friday 21 July. This will be a 12:05pm finish as we have to clear classrooms and the wider site before various building and refurbishment work begins with the school holiday.

Return to School

The new school year begins for students on Wednesday 6 September. The school’s term dates for 2023-2024 can be seen at:

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “With our Year 11s and Year 13s running into their final exams, our minds are already turning to the new school year, and staff are already planning out new ways of doing things. It is a very busy time but rest assured everyone is pulling together to provide the best schooling we can for your children.”