Our annual Year 12 UCAS Evening saw students and parents come into school to begin plotting their way through the UCAS process, the university experience, and to consider other options that step beyond university.The evening began with a lead talk by Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher and Sixth Form Lead, who talked through the general UCAS application process and all the considerations when it comes to thinking about routes and making choices.

Following this there were a series of optional sessions which were made up of:

* Student Finance
* Higher Degree Level Apprenticeships  
* The Benefits of Higher Education.

The guest speakers included representations from Aberystwyth University Ask Apprenticeships and De Montfort University.

Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Each year we Are thrilled by a string of success stories for our students whether they involve universities, apprenticeships, employment, voluntary work or gap years. The key behind this success is planning and by getting organised, identifying the specific goals, plotting the critical steps along the way, and then going ahead to turn dreams into a reality. There are lots of exciting options and they all need a thorough review as they come with long-term implications in terms of careers, income and personal well-being. This evening represents just the first step along the way and copious support will be coming the way of every Year 12 student so that they are clear and focused when they face their final exams next summer.”