We have been approached by Hannah McMillan from Lion TV with an opportunity to be cast on a new series for CBBC and Lion Television about sustainable fashion.

As an Eco-School with a passion for the environment and a proud history of excellence in Performing Arts it seemed something well worth publicising.

The shout out states that the company is looking for budding young designers aged 10-14 years old, (they must be aged 11 by 1 September 1 2023) who would be interested in applying.

Each episode will see young creative minds come together to create bold and colourful outfits reusing, re-claiming and upcycling fabulous fashion by using only vintage, second-hand and sustainable materials.

The children will need to be great designers but do not necessarily have to be great with a sewing machine as they’ll be paired with a creative who can help them cut/sew/stitch/paint their outfits within a few hours!

Anyone interested in applying can email Fashion@liontv.co.uk or apply through the CBBC Website on the following link.

More information can be obtained by contacting Hannah McMillan via hannah.mcmillan@liontv.co.uk or by viewing the following promotional leaflet.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “This is not a school project so parents should view it very carefully to be confident it is a good option for their child to be looking at. However, we are very much a school that likes to flag up every opportunity as we want our students to have the inspiration to strike out in the world and make their mark.”