As part of our annual athletics season, our Year 7s and 9s  attended Aldersley Stadium in Wolverhampton for their regional competition and there were even more stand-out performances.

On a beautiful afternoon for the weather it was a new experience for our Year 7s but the Year 9s took them under their wings and together they rolled out the success stories.

Georgia Griffith (Y9) won both her 1500m and hurdle events and Alice Pendlebury (Y7) echoed the former victory in her age group. Elsewhere, Tia Hanrahan (Y7) came first in the shot (a new event to her) and Olivia Howard-Calder (Y9) came out on top in the discus.

Beyond this, there were a string of podium finishes and all of the points are going to the combined totals from the other rounds.

Trudy Simkiss, team coach, said: “We are looking forward to the final tally which should come through next week and there are plenty of students who can be incredibly proud of how they did in this competition; Year 7 and 9 contributed superbly to the wonderful performances that the other Year groups have pulled out in recent meets.”