Our Year 8 & 10 students participated at in a regional athletics meet at the renowned Aldersley Stadium and there were a string of fine performances.

Sadly, the rain did put a stop to the jumps and hurdles, but this didn’t dampen spirits of the other events.

The afternoon produced a range of podium finishes for Team ‘Friary’. Some of the podium starts were Harry Pilgrim (Year 8 – 800m), Poppy O’Sullivan (Year 8 – 800m), Olivia Flint (Year 8 – 1500m), Matt Allen (Year 10 – 1500m), Cam Ford (Year 10 – Discus), Rhys Wynne (Year 10 – Discus), Fraser Neenan (Year 8 – Javelin), Sam Dalton (Year 8 – Javelin), Libbie Joyce (Year 10 – Javelin).

Hollie Wright, team coach, said: “There are further meets through the Summer so there are plenty more chances for personal bests and every competitor adds to the school’s tally which grabs collective recognition for us all. Any other students are welcome to approach the PE staff to get involved and it was wonderful to see so many parents coming along to helps cheer along their children.”