As part of our World Theatre Day celebrations, our Year 10 & Year 12 Performing Arts student went to a visit to The Garrick Theatre in Lichfield to watch ‘Teecher’s – Leavers 22’ which they have been studying in lessons.

Following the entertaining and interactive performance they enjoyed a Q&A session with the cast and managed to collect lots of information to support their coursework assignments.

Elsewhere, our Performing Arts team have their own shows on the horizon with the ‘Encore – Other Words’ variety show being attended by the Sheriff of Lichfield at the end of the Eater Term, whilst the Summer Term sees Years 7-9 step up with their rendition of ‘Mary Poppins’.

Richard Hughes, Head of Performing Arts, said: “We love to take the students out to the theatre as it provides fantastic ideas for them to take on board and apply to their own work. We all thoroughly enjoyed the performance and the students were hugely impressed in meeting the cast.”