We have been lucky enough to have had the Royal Navy Catering Service Branch come to school to work with forty-six students who are studying Hospitality & Catering as a vocational qualification.  

The chefs ran two workshops with a Ready Steady Cook theme: an interactive Master Chef style lesson in which the class was divided into equal teams and presented with a box of ingredients all provided for by the Royal Navy team.

The aim was to create the 2 x dishes (Chicken & Mushroom Pie & Pavlova) within the timeframe. Using the recipe sheets provided and they had 90 min to complete their dishes before presenting them to the Royal Navy team for tasting. 

This was a great activity to exercise pupil’s initiative, teamwork, communication and time-keeping skills and was extremely popular. The fact too that they encourage a ‘clean as you go’ policy throughout the session to enable the classroom to remain safe and tidy was appreciated too.

Angie Brough, Catering teacher, said: “The pupils took this challenge very seriously and worked together as a team, even if there was a little disagreement between the teams about presentation techniques ! Certainly, the competitive nature of the assignments brought out one or two Gordon Ramsey’s ! There were some excellent skills developed from the sessions and some excellent tasting dishes. Well done to all of Year 10 who took part.”