Our Year 10 Health & Social Care students volunteered at The Spires Care Home as part of engaging with residents through a range of Pancake Day themed activities.

Our students and residents could not actually make pancakes but we had a decorating competition instead. There were lots of interesting and amazing pancake designs.

We also undertook a Pancake Day themed memory game, where the residents had to try and remember as many Pancake Day themed items, with batter, butter, eggs and flour being just a few to memorise.

Lastly, the students took part in a pancake flipping competition. They had a minute to flip a pancake as many times as they could. It was a fierce competition, but Sophie Buckley came out as the winner with an impressive 20 flips !

Trudy Simkiss, event organiser, said; “Our students took time out of their own weekend to gain experience in the health and social care sector. They they were polite and a credit to the school. A special shout out to Alexis Reed-McBeth who was amazing with the residents, -to the point a staff member commended on how she would make a wonderful carer one day.”