Our final series of Mock Exams for Year 11s runs between 27 February – 7 March as we build on the exam technique and spot the final gaps as we head into the final exams in Summer 2023.

Certainly, with plenty of revision support in assemblies and lessons, revision materials readily available via Show My Homework, and with Saturday Schools and after-school boosters flowing, there is every chance for every student to do their very best.

The mock exam schedule runs for just over a week after February half-term and the exams are mapped out below:

Monday 27 February

AM – GCSE Maths Paper 1 – 1hr 30mins
PM – GCSE Geography – 1hr 30mins

Tuesday 28 February

AM – GCSE English Literature Component 1 – 2hrs
PM – GCSE Film Studies – 1hr 30mins
PM – GCSE PE Paper 1 – 1hr
PM – Vocational Engineering (Resit) – 1hr 30mins

Wednesday 1 March

AM – GCSE Biology (Single) – 1hr 45mins
AM – GCSE Combined Science (Biology) – 1hr 15mins
PM – GCSE English Literature – ‘A Christmas Carol’ – 45mins

Thursday 2 March

AM – GCSE History – 1hr 45mins
PM – GCSE Maths Paper 2 – 1hr 30mins

Friday 3 March

AM – GCSE Chemistry (Single) – 1hr 45mins
AM – GCSE Combined Science (Chemistry) – 1hr 15mins
PM – GCSE Music – 1hr
PM – GCSE PE Paper 2 – 1hr

Monday 6 March

AM – GCSE RE – 2hrs
PM – GCSE Maths Paper 3 – 1hr 30mins

Tuesday 7 March

AM – GCSE Physics (Single) – 1hr 45mins
AM – GCSE Combined Science (Physics) – 1hr 15mins
PM – GCSE French (Writing) Higher – 1hr 20mins
PM – GCSE French (Writing) Foundation – 1hr 5mins

Bex Oldfield, Assistant Headteacher, said: “There is no doubt that those students who take these exam seriously put themselves at a huge advantage for the final exams in the Summer. They can get on top of revision, learn from mistakes, and be even better prepared for the real thing. We have so many students working incredibly hard that we are excited to see what grades they come out with. They will then likely only get better in May/June.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “With the right balance of support and challenge, our students understand the importance of these exams to their future career steps and wider life chances. Nothing ends with GCSE exams, but life does get a lot easier if they go as well. Each year our students do us proud and the expectations are no lower with this cohort. Indeed, we have already seen some superb performances in the earlier vocational exams and coursework activities.”