The Year 8 Netball team were set to play against Cannock Chase away at their school. The girls were all excited but quite nervous as we had not won a single match yet.

We began the first quarter on a downhill as we trailed 3-0. However, we did not stop pushing! We ended up making some outstanding interceptions which helped the ball stay in our half of the court. By the end of the first half we had scored a goal but so had Cannock Chase; the score was 4-1 to Cannock Chase at half time.

After an important team talk and encouraging feedback which helped us to keep in that fighting spirit the second half got under way. With lots of driving forward to get the ball we succeeded in losing our opposing players and making more space, as well as taking advantage of their mistakes. We ended up having the ball a high percentage of the time and made effective decisions to keep us in the game.

The overall score ended 7-9 to The Friary! There were a few minor mistakes that we all need to work on like footwork and sticking to our players more but apart from that, the whole team should be extremely proud of one another!

Hollie Wright, PE teacher and team coach, said: “The player of the match was awarded to Brooke Daniels (GA) for her excellent shooting. She persevered and didn’t give up throughout the match. Well done Brooke and well done team!”