We will be holding a School Book Fair between 13 – 17 February for students where over 200 top discounted book titles will be available for students to purchase.

The Book Fair will also be open to parents on Tuesday 14 February between 4.00-7.00pm – just before parents embark on those Valentine’s celebrations, or better still accompany their children to Battle of the Bands.

Simon Daniels, Head of English, said: “Reading is not just a matter for the English classroom; it is the way into every subject, every career and every aspect of life. Reading provides a power to learn, to understand, and the find out more, and it always starts with support and encouragement in the home. We would urge all parents to buy into the our Book Fair – which is part of our Focus Week on Charles Dickens – as books in the home spur on a readiness and motivation to read.”

Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, added: “We run extensive reading programmes to get all children to up-to-speed and then to develop a passion for reading. It does not matter whether a child is an avid reader as they need new titles and sparks to keep it going; a reluctant reader who left primary school needing the basics polishing and then a build-up of accessibility to more challenging tasks; or a new to English reader who needs the building blocks put in from the very foundations. We are a school that put these measures in place and pursue them to success in exams, but more importantly to open up the door to success in life.”