One of our former students, Holly Fry, who left our Sixth Form in Summer 2020, to study Global Sustainable Development at Warwick University, dropped in to school as part of her research for her dissertation.

Holly is investigating the merits directing all students to be taught about sustainability and climate change. The topic reflects the huge significance of the topic, the fact that more universities are offering degrees in this area, and the growing range of employment opportunities coming up in this sector.

A lengthy interview with the Headteacher covered school accountability measures, OFSTED, funding streams, current teaching and learning on this topic, curriculum barriers for state as opposed to private schools, and changes in provision which force work towards by schools in this critical area.

There was also discussion of the things that our school does in this area; including Focus Weeks, successful and in-motion funding bids, new LED lighting, automatic switch offs and new electrics, added insulation, solar panels, reduction of plastic in school, gardening initiatives, and more besides.

Following, this, Holly spoke to students interested in following in her footsteps in terms of university study.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “It was hugely interesting to learn from Holly’s take on the topic through her specialist study and to place this in the context of the accountabilities and obstacles in our education system. Holly was impressed by a lot we do in school, but also had some further suggestions for us, and is now taking her research to other schools in order to complete her assignment. Clearly, sustainability is a key topic for future generations to be very familiar with and there is a lot of merit in the argument for there to be a formal and specific course for all students.”

If you would like to learn more about the Global Sustainable Development course at Warwick University click here.