Our Year 9 Girls Netball Team ended the Autumn Term with a busy schedule which culminated in 2 games in 2 days.

Firstly, hosting Nether Stowe, the girls had a game plan and aimed for the ball to be passed around the court securely. Once the girls got going, we started well with high percentage of possession however, as the game progressed their defence was unbreakable, and we struggled to get the ball into the shooting circle. The team continually fought and worked the ball well for us to score 4 goals, however, Nether Stowe managed to break through our defence a little easier and the game ended 7-4.

The following day saw a fixture away to Cheslyn Hay and with the same game plan being deployed though with lessons learnt from the last outing things were different. The girls worked brilliantly as a team and took advantage of every opportunity, making up for mistakes made previously. They scored 6 goals to Cheslyn Hays 4, ending the game with a well-deserved win.

Hollie Wright, PE teacher and team coach, said: “Our girls are very much finding their feet after the COVID block on their development but the more they play, the better their tactical and game awareness, and the better the performance. We are working hard as a PE team to make up for lost time for all students and the impact of a heavy fixture load is reaping rewards in terms of team progress and skills development.”