Year 8 were set a Reading Challenge Competition to read as many books as possible between September and December.

The challenge was designed to encourage active, independent reading because, as well as reading being an enjoyable activity, it plays an essential role in improving skills such as comprehension and creative ideas for imaginative writing.

A parent or carer needed to sign to confirm that pupils had read the books and it was not only the amount of books that contributed towards the final result but also the challenge level of the books read.

House points were awarded to every pupil who entered the competition and extra to pupils who also wrote reviews of their books.

Julia Kluk came first and got the Gold Award for reading 20 books this term; her favourite book was called ‘They Both Die At The End’, which she says was emotional but very well written.

Francesca Albertazzi came second and achieved the Silver Award after reading 8 books this term; her favourite book was ‘The Red Queen’, which was about a girl with powers.

Luke Aldridge came third with the bronze award for reading 7 books this term; his favourite book was ‘Kid Normal’, which is about a school full of pupils with super powers who try to defeat anyone who is trying to destroy them.

The Top 3 winners got certificates, house points and prizes of bookmarks and funky stationery.

Suzannne Fayed, Head of KS3 English, said: “I am delighted that Julia, Francesca and Luke are so happy with their prizes and that we had so many entries in our Reading Challenge competition.”