The Friary School hosted Lichfield’s first ever Sixth Form Geography Inter-School Competition.

Six teams from The Friary School, King Edward VI School and Erasmus Darwin Academy competed to find ‘Ways to Save the Planet’.

Each team researched different strategies. They chose what they considered to be the best strategy, which they presented back to the other teams.

The quality of presentations and delivery was excellent across the board.

The judges (one from each school!) scored each team, and the results were very close. The winning teams were the Year 12s from the Friary and the Year 13s from Erasmus Darwin Academy.

Helen Young, Geography teacher, said: “We decided to get some local schools together as it’s always great connecting with staff and students from other places. The teams got stuck into the task they were set and we were impressed with the presentations that they’d put together in the time they were given. We’d like to make this an annual competition, perhaps rotating it around the local schools”.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “This sort of academic challenge is a great addition to pushing all Sixth Form students in their knowledge and understanding so is a welcome addition to the calendar. We hope to work in similar tournaments through the academic year.”